Your Ultimate Travel Guide for Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 

Bellefonte and our surrounding areas have so much to offer visitors year-round! We have plenty to offer if you’re looking to experience Victorian charm at its finest. Explore our parks, traverse our mountains, or simply enjoy the historic streets. No matter what brings you to Bellefonte, you’re sure to relax and come back year after year. Get your copy of our Vacation Guide and start planning today!  


Winters in Bellefonte are cold and snowy. If you love to explore winter wonderlands, then Bellefonte is the place to be! Daily high temperatures typically stay below 44 degrees, so be sure to pack warmly! Bundle up and get ready for lots of winter fun!   


When Spring has sprung, and the snow melts, there is plenty to do outside. Our area has many outdoor activities to enjoy in the springtime. From enjoying the outdoors at Talleyrand Park to reaching new heights in a hot air balloon and finishing the day enjoying a game of golf, Spring is the time to get outside! The weather this time of year tends to start on the cooler side, with highs in the mid-40s in March and the low-70s in May. Nighttime is still a little cold, so bring an evening coat! 


Summer in Bellefonte is warm but comfortable. Temperatures usually reach the mid-80s in the daytime and mid to low 60s in the evening. This is when visitors can truly get out and enjoy nature in our area.   


Here in Central Pennsylvania, fall is a magical time. Watch the leaves change color and turn the green landscape into a warm, cozy retreat. Fall is the perfect time to escape into the mountains and experience what our area is all about! Fall temperatures are the most comfortable, highs starting in the low-70s in September and heading down to the mid-40s in December, and visitors can enjoy getting out and about.  

  • Attend the Punkin’ Chunkin’ Festival  
  • Explore Historic Bellefonte   
  • Go Fly Fishing!